Happy Tuesday!! New Zealand Photographer Jake Thomas is excited to share the with us this awesome retro designed wedding. The Bride and groom designed all the little details, even down to the brides dress. Love it!! And we have all of the info for you. Enjoy the Love. 

How did the newlyweds meet? 

We met through a flat mate, I started flatting with Chris’ old flatmate, he came to visit, and the rest was history.

Describe your wedding in a sentence? 

Funky carefree beach wedding with a difference.

Tell us about the photographer? 

Jake was a dream to work with, from initial emails and meetings to the on the day action. He knew how to get the best shots out of us in the short time we allowed between the ceremony and wedding and made sure we were happy with the final results. We loved Jakes photography style and were so excited and happy to see the photos when the arrived! We would not hesitate to recommend Jake to anyone!  

Tell me about the venues used? 

Andy from On The Beach Weddings at Waihi Beach was fantastic to deal with. When we first enquired we initially had the idea of having the reception in the Flat White Café, when we first met with Andy he mentioned he was hoping to set up the On The Beach Wedding venue in the beachfront section beside the Café. Months down the track when we were organising bookings with Andy he said things were looking good to have the venue ready for our wedding. We were very excited about this opportunity, and in the weeks before the wedding we were reassured it would be all ready and we had complete faith in Andy to have the venue ready. Luckily the weather fined up and the marquee went up and the venue was an absolute success. Andy had the marquee decorated and we only had to deliver the table centre pieces and show the staff the table layout and they did the rest! It was a magical setting with the marquee sides open to the spectacular ocean view, the inside was amazingly decorated and the added fairylights were stunning. We were so happy with the service and location, we could not have asked for more! We would not hesitate to recommend On The Beach Weddings to anyone.   

Tell us about your first dance? 

My husband and I loved the dancing scene and the end of the movie When In Rome, so we tracked down the song, Paolo Nutini – Pencil Full of Lead, and made up our own funky, crazy dance to it! We had an absolute blast, as we are always the ones dancing at wedding all our friends were not surprised to see us bust out our favourite dance moves!   

Did you DIY any details? 

I designed and made my own wedding dress, made my husbands tie in the matching blue/black houndstooth fabric of my dress lining. I also handmade all the fabric flowers for my bouquet and buttonholes. We also designed and made the wedding invitations and envelopes, designed our own wedding logo and made directional/location signs and the big photo board for the reception. I also made flags for the beach.

Tell us about the special details of the wedding? 

Defiantly all the handmade details from the dress to the photo board and invites. We are very creative people and loved getting to put on own personal touch on everything!    

Do you have any stories to share from the day? 

Our wedding dance was defiantly one moment to always remember as we are such goofballs and doing a crazy carefree dance with my husband could not have been a better way to really kick off our married life.   

Tell us five things, which made your wedding special to you? 

How carefree and funky the day turned out to be, having so much fun dancing and singing the night away with my husband and friends/family, having made my own wedding dress, and just loving being in love with my best friend!

Any advice for future marrieds to be? 

Make sure you have fun! Don’t stress about little things (or about anything for that matter) it’s your day so make sure you keep yourselves happy first before doing things just to make others happy (if they are not right for you). Enjoy the day and go with the flow, things will always work out so never get stressed and ruin the day! 

If the groom hasn’t answered our questions- does he have a memorable moment? Something to say? 

One memorable and stressed out moment on the beach just before the ceremony was opening the ring box and only seeing my ring, and not Anna’s. My life flashed before my eyes thinking what would happen, maybe I could find it in the sand.  Luckily when I looked closer at my ring I noticed Anna’s ring was sitting perfectly inside it! 

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