Using AI and 24/7 video recording to set up AI cameras. This video will show you how easy it is to play back recorded video surveillance footage. This video is both captured on the NVR and remotely via the mobile app (iPhone/Android). This video playback functionality can also be found on the desktop software, Mac and Windows.

AI Software Vehicle Detection System

Above screenshot shows the video player for the IP cam NVR. You will notice the different colors in the recorded video timeline. The AI object detection events are highlighted with light blue, while the continuous video recording is highlighted with dark blue. It is easy to jump to any vehicle object detection event that was recorded by this method. We are still recording, but video will be recorded if anything happens beyond the time frame of an object detection events.

Mobile App Recorded Video Playback

It is easy to play back recorded video surveillance footage using the Android and iPhone mobile apps. This is a screenshot from the iPhone app’s video player. It also features a color-coded timeline and a video playback screen. Additional mobile app video demos are available here.

Video Transcript

You can customize each camera’s schedule and recording type. Auto is when all cameras in the system should be using the same type and recording schedule. This is how customization works. This is just to demonstrate how you can setup multiple recording modes and schedules for each camera. It is extremely flexible.

But, I’m going back to set it to auto. Then I will pause the video again. There are many ways to record. Record on motion. A sensor alarm can be used to record. Recording can be done on motion plus sensors. It can record continuously in any combination of the other two. You can also set up custom modes at the bottom. I set mine up 24×7 plus AI recording. These settings will be applied here.

This was already set up before. This NVR has been recording in 24-by-7 plus AI mode for a few days. When return to the live home security cameras in Auckland, I can double-click on any camera and then select playback from the menu. The video player will open and you’ll see a timeline scrubber to the right. The line in dark blue indicates continuous recording. The line in light blue signifies AI events. I have intrusion detection for cars set up just around the bend of this road.

It’s very easy to jump to any AI events by using the timeline scrubber. Just click on those blue areas to see what occurred. However, if there is something that was not vehicle object related (e.g., someone was walking back there and vandalism), I can still record 24×7 around the clock. You can jump to any one of these times by simply going to the dark area. Again, the dark blue area is continuous recording while the light blue is an AI object detection event. Once I’m done, click on the X to bring me back into the live view.

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