There are many reasons you might make you consider plastering or re-plastering. The results of a plastering job done well will live with you for years to come. You may need to plaster your walls if they are in bad condition, and plastering helps with several aspects – 

  • It can act as a shield against environmental elements, especially water ingress into brickwork or block-work. 
  • It creates a solid, even and smooth foundation for further painting work on the surface
  • If properly mixed and applied, a plaster coating can create a stronger and more durable wall finish than drywall.
  • Plaster is also well-known for its sound-absorbent properties.
  • Plaster is more resistant to physical impact as compared to drywall.

While you may be tempted to take matters into your hands, Professional plasterers are generally a better option. 

Wall plastering usually requires well trained and skilled professionals and are significantly labor-intensive. Hiring plasterers would be a good choice for many reasons –  

  • Getting the job done right the first time is important, and it requires experience to decide on the right amount of plaster, the right type of plaster, and for how long the plaster should be left to dry.
  • Safety concerns that stem from the fact that even though the process appears straightforward, there are risks involved. For instance, Dealing with exposed wiring, working at a height, avoiding spills are things best left to experts.
  • Save time and money in the long run by hiring a skilled plasterer. A job well done would help save money that would be spent again some time down the road if someone inexperienced does a bad job.

However, finding a good plasterer can be a hassle in itself,and while you can never be absolutely sure, Some factors may help you choose – 

  • Experience matters. Check what kind of experience that person is carrying and whether they have undertaken similar jobs in the past. 
  • Reviews and feedback by people who previously availed their services can give you some idea about the credibility of the individual or the company. Running a background check is recommended.
  • Do they Specialize in a particular type of plastering (lime, coving, or rendering)? 
  • Do they hold Qualifications and skills neccessary for the plastering job?
  • Good behavior and ethics is an additional plus point!

It’s always a good idea to get at least 3 different quotes, there’s no need to make a hasty decision. Weigh the benefits in terms of prices, but do not let the price be the deciding factor on its own, it is always good to keep in mind the big picture and the long term benefits.

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