House cleaning or house washing is hectic, and someone doesn’t like to spend an entire weekend in it. And if you have a villa or a bungalow, you need to clean from the outside too. DIY external house cleaning is certainly an impossible task. Even if you try, you will not be able to do it efficiently. 

But how do you know which house washing company to hire? There are plenty out there trying to grab your attention, and you might be confused completely. So, to ease your decision-making task, we have listed out certain questions that can help gauge a contractors’ capabilities. 

  • How long has the company been doing the job? Did they face any challenges during the process? If yes, how did they overcome it? 

These questions help in understanding the overall experience of the contractor as a house washer. The way they treat their customers, the way they deal with challenging projects, and their overall work strategy. If the company really has expertise in Exterior house washing, they will surely share some of their memorable experiences with you. 

  • How much time will it take? Do they cater to any special requirements? 

If you have any specific requirements, such as using particular brand products, or only green cleaning solutions, you can convey the same and ask about it. A reliable contractor will conform the same if they do not have a rigid approach to house washing. 

On the same lines, you can ask about the time required to do the complete cleaning and washing. It happens that there might be technical difficulties or a shortage of staff and resources. So, you can add those extra days and ask for a frank timeline from the washing contractor. 

  • Do you also provide additional services? Which equipment do you use? 

Powerful house washing equipment is the key to a clean house. Check whether the company you have shortlisted uses the same or not. If you are intentional in using specific equipment, this is the time you should discuss. Similarly, the company will provide you with the equipment details, and you need to double-check the same. Often, house owners do not pay attention to the technical details and hire the wrong one. 

You might need extra services such as house cleaning or carpet cleaning. You can ask the company whether they are specialized in such services or not. If yes, you can negotiate for a better package. If not, it is alright to go with the house washing company. 

In short, asking the above questions helps you to evaluate the company’s capability to clean and wash your house perfectly. If you skip these questions, you may not seek a brief idea about the company’s competency. 

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