Brown Eyes

 Often the deepest in colour tone, brown eyes suit earthy shades of rich golds, metallic bronze and iridescent chocolates. Metallic shadows work well at lightening and brightening the eye. As brown coloured eyes often have undertones of red or yellow a eye shadow colour with the right reflect to compliment will have a stunning effect. Try greens or plums to compliment the red reflect in the eyes, or orange amber hues of shadow to compliment golden brown eyes. For some a clash of a cooler, silver, smoky eye shadow can look amazing and moody.Green or hazel eyes: Those with true green eyes have one of the rarest eye colours in the world. Green eyes look greener with shadows of purple, copper, or mauve.

Alternatively one of the most common eye colours is Hazel, which is often a mix of green and brown and sometimes a touch of blue, or gold. By using the above shadow tones you can make a hazel eye look more green. Due to the different pigment combinations of hazel eyes it is possible to make the eyes look a different colour all together, by introducing different eye shadow shades. For example using a blue shadow will enhance any blue pigment, and silvery grey’s can make the iris appear much lighter.Blue eyes: Blue eyes are cool in reflect so cool tones enhance them. Silvers, metallics, greys and charcoals all make blue eyes glow. Warmer tones of peach, and apricot, and subtle pinks work well for a soft subtle result where some warmth is needed. 

When choosing the right eye shadow also take note of your hair colour. Darker hair means darker makeup tones can work, and wont be lost on the face. Lighter hair will generally work well with lighter tones of shadow for day makeup. Remember too that there are no rules with makeup. Eye colour is so individual and there are thousands of different eye shadows to try. Play with your mascara too. Summer is a great time to go with brown lashes. A fantastic technique for bridal makeup is black mascara applied at the root of the lashes and brown at the tips for a more natural result. So don’t be scared to have some fun with your shadow pallet and try some colours you haven’t used before. The results may surprise you!

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