Although your pool is a beautiful feature in your backyard, it can only be truly spectacular if there is lush green grass around it. Unfortunately, a natural lawn can attract various pests and debris, including algae. The mud is not pretty or sanitary.

There are many natural lawn alternatives, such as rock gardens or walkways paved with brick pavers or flagstone. However, these are harder to maintain, particularly if you have children or pets.

Fake grass around your pool is an alternative that’s beautiful and low-maintenance.

Let’s look at some of the most popular pool surround materials before we get into more detail.

Natural Grass

A lush green lawn around the pool is the perfect look for summer. Although it is relatively low-maintenance, it still requires a lot of work to keep it looking great. This includes mowing once a week and fertilizing, watering, pulling out weeds, and so on.

Grass can attract other insects, such as ants, bugs and moles.

It can also be dangerously slippery if it is wet. You also have to be aware of the possibility that chemicals (e.g. There are also the risks of chemicals (e.g. pesticides) getting into the pool water.


Flagstone pavers or brick pavers are another popular choice. Although this can be beautiful and creates a more even surface than grass it can also be quite expensive. The cost of a thicker surface is higher.


Concrete is an affordable option but it is better for walkways that go around the pool than into it. Concrete can be stamped to look like bricks or flagstone but will be more difficult for maintenance.


Wood decks around pools look great, but they need to be maintained with regular maintenance such as staining and painting. Wood can also warp and rot if it is regularly exposed to moisture. This is not an option around the pool.

Artificial Grass around the Pool Area

Many homeowners find the ideal combination of beauty and maintenance with synthetic turf. These are just a few of the benefits you should consider:


The turf around the pool will not become slimy from water, so your children can enjoy the area around the pool without having to worry about them falling on uneven ground or getting hurt.

It’s easier to maintain

A synthetic lawn is easy to maintain, no matter how busy you may be. For easier cleaning, simply sweep up leaves and debris that fall onto the lawn. Then, hose it off once per month.

No chemicals required

Synthetic grass isn’t dependent on fertilizing or watering, so you can get rid of those chores. The pool and environment are safer because there is no chemical runoff.


There is no mud, which is another huge advantage! Artificial grass is unique because it has a surface that repels dirt, moisture and debris. It also retains its plush appearance.


You have many choices when it comes to the size and shape of synthetic turf for your pool. For added drama, you can select from cool colours and add faux stones accents.

Safety factor

Artificial grass is hard enough to slip on, but it’s soft enough that children and pets can fall on it if they trip. Because it provides a cushion, artificial grass is a good choice for people who need wheelchair access to their pool area.


Synthetic lawns are popular because they can withstand harsh environments like sun and the constant wet area around your pool. It can last up to eight years.

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