Why getting Concrete Driveways can turn out the best decision ever

Concrete driveways are always a good investment. It is said to have lasted longer than other methods. Many people have now turned into concrete driveways due to the versatility and durability of these. They are also low maintenance. Apart from all these, they even can have a decorative appearance, feel, and color. Here are some benefits of having concrete driveways. 


According to professionals, asphalt, if set properly, stays the same way as the concrete ones, with less cost. But the laying out of asphalt is not very dependable as there are chances that the material we procure might have low quality. Concrete driveways, even if they are more costly than asphalt, but they have a longer life compared to asphalt. The average lifespan for the concrete driveway is 50 to 60 percent more than asphalt counterpart. Asphalt has a higher maintenance cost compared to concrete. 

Curb Appeal

Concrete driveways are a winner for curb appeal. You can have a decorative as the standard grey surface is considered to be a creative design option. Some homeowners look for a dark surface; this is the best option for them. To add a nice texture, you can do a stamped concrete. You can match the driveway to compliment your house with the texture you are proposing it to be. To get a three-dimensional look can be acquired through exposed aggregates. 

Heat and light reaction

Compared to asphalt, the concrete surfaces are much better; they absorb much less heat and UV radiation. You can check this by walking barefoot on both surfaces on one hot day. Although these properties are good for summer, for winter, asphalt is a better option during winters. Concrete, if it is standard, reduces lighting requirements because of the reflective surfaces. Asphalt absorbs more light and thus needs more lighting compared to concrete. 

Load-bearing Capacity

It is a rigid, non-flexible, and durable material that can handle heavy loads compared to the normal asphalt driveways. There are chances of rutting and other damage on asphalt compared to concrete driveways on using heavy truck-like vehicles. 

Maintenance expense

A major expense that anyone has to face is the maintenance expense on the driveway. It can vary depending on the area, but concrete is chosen over other variants. You have to add clear sealers to protect the area against the absorption of moisture. Periodic seal coating is also required for these types of materials. 


concrete driveways are considered more environmentally friendly because it takes only fewer methods to produce as well as layout concrete. But materials such as asphalt require a great deal of energy and melting of 200 to 250 degrees F. Driveways thus last longer and require very few replacements in the future.

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