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You say it’s time to clean up your yard. You need to prune and cut back. After a year of looking at off-season grasses and bare trees, you are now ready to make your home more appealing. You realize that you can do some of the tasks on your seasonal checklist. However, some tasks, such as tree pruning and removal, should be left to professionals.

Understanding the system and lines running underneath your lawn regarding tree cutting in West Auckland is crucial. You may need to be careful of underground plumbing or electrical lines.

I recall when I was young and eager to take responsibility. I called a tree service to help me with a dead tree in my backyard. It was so proactive that I didn’t even consider the legal implications of calling a landlord for repairs. And it snowballed unbelievable quickly.

I first hired someone using a flyer in my mailbox. This was mistake number one. I didn’t do any research and I didn’t know anything about ratings or reviews. I simply called the first company I saw in my area. Second, both parties gave me an estimate. Their worst mistake was when they drove machinery through my yard and around my house.

My sewage lines were crushed when a small crane was driven by the company. Many homes built in the 1970s had weaker clay or cast iron sewer pipes underground. Mine certainly did. The whole area had been sunken in, and I could see the water gushing from the ground. I called my landlord to clarify as the company refused to work.

Although my choices weren’t necessarily the cause of the damage, it is possible that there was a weakness in the soil or roots.

Let me tell you how to avoid making the same mistake. You’re not alone if the idea of hiring a tree service seems daunting. Continue reading to learn ten questions to ask any tree service company that you interview. Scroll to the end to find a list of clues to help you hire a tree professional as soon as possible.

If you live outside the Best Pick Reports service area, it’s not necessary to accept a poor experience with tree service pros. To ensure you get all the information you need, ask the following questions to every company that you interview.

Are you able to have a certified arborist on your staff?

An arborist is someone who has been trained by the International Society of Arboriculture to care for trees properly. An ISA Certified Arborist is the best choice. These arborists are not just tree experts; they also receive ongoing training in this field.

What industry associations does your company belong?

Apart from being certified, a well-respected company should be a member of professional associations in their field. This information is usually available on the company’s website. This is a sign that the company is respected by others in the industry. Two great organizations are the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), and American Society of Consulting Arborists, (ASCA).

Can I see proof of insurance?

This is an absolute must. This is what I did in my case. It was something I didn’t think about. The tree company that I hired caused me a lot of damage, which I didn’t have. I lost my great landlord-tenant relationship when a dead tree caused me to pay twice the cost of tree removal and to repair a damaged sewer line.

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