Drink Water

Everyone knows that we need to drink water but how many of us drink the recommended 8 glasses each day? Invest in a drink bottle and keep it by your side, just like you do your cell phone or lipstick. Always ensure your water bottle is topped up and sip regularly throughout the day. This will keep your brain focussed and fresh- not dry and fuzzy!

Eat The Right Stuff At The Right Time

Ideally we want to eat 5-6 small meals each day which includes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2-3 snacks. Eating regularly will keep your energy levels steady and keep hunger away to ensure you aren’t reaching for the chocolate come 11am! This may take some planning at first, but once you are in a routine it will be a breeze! Try to eat some form of protein (hummus, meat, fish, protein shakes) for/with every meal. This will keep you fuller for longer.Keep a fruit bowl on your desk and fill it up on a Monday ensuring you are snacking correctly. This is not only healthy, but a great money saver! Fill your plate with salad and vegies! These are guilt free stomach fillers.


Each morning when you wake up do a few simple stretches to really wake yourself up. Stand up and reach your arms up to the ceiling and hold on your tip toes for as long as possible. Make a tight fist with your hands and push out in front as far as you can go and hold. Sitting on the ground, keep your back straight and reach for your toes. Try and do this each morning for a month and see if you can feel the difference in your flexibility. I’m sure your partner will approve of this one. 

Incidental Exercise

Incidental exercise is movement that you do as part of your daily routine. Time is precious, especially in the countdown to you big day, so try and up your ‘incidental exercise and this wont leave any time dent in your busy schedule but will keep you in shape. – Take the stairs instead of the lift – Do squats while waiting for the kettle to boil – Pick up two boxes instead of one when helping move the new deliveries – Get outside and run around with your kids or your dog – Jog to the store to get milk or bread. Thanks so much Charlotte from Sweat camp NZ. Contact her HERE if you are interested in getting fit and motivated and want to join her boot camps. Stay fit, healthy and motivated and Enjoy the Love.

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