Tip One

Set small goals, write them down where you can see them and tick when done! These can be things such as taking 2 evening strolls with your husband-to-be this week, try out a pilates class this weekend, or eat one peice of fruit each day for a month. Whatever it is, writing them down will hold you accountable. and ticking it when done will give you a healthy sense of achievement.

Tip Two

With this being such a busy time for you you may find it hard to empty your thoughts in the evening causing you to lose much needed sleep. Keep a pad and pen by your bed, and jot down all your circling thoughts and things to do to be dealt with in the morning.

Tip Three

Do huffy puffy exercise for 100 minutes a week. To get huffy puffy you can take a jog around the block, do some burpies in your garden, have piggy back races with your kids or make love to your partner.

Tip Four

 Eat beautiful chocolate and drink fine wine. Quality will combat quantity! Savour each bite, enjoy each mouthful- a treat’s a treat!

Tip Five

Keep a food, mood and training diary. By writing down what you’re eating and when you’re eating it you will be held accountable to what you’re putting in your mouth and highlight any bad habits such as skipping meals and over indulging, Keeping track of your exercise will give you a sense of acheivement after each session, and help you to see progression ie: Day 1- jogged 20 minutes around the park… Day 21- jogged 30 minutes twice around the park. Monitoring your mood will help you identify what’s good and bad- and just how much eating right and moving adds to the smooth running of your day!Thank to Charlotte from Sweat Camp NZ for sharing and helping us to stay on track. Remember to check out her website and take advantage of her awesome offer Below. Images above thanks to Carly.D, The little corner, charming distractions, Happy Yoga is, Poetic fool, and vintage rose garden.

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