Painting exteriors of homes can cost you so much if handed over to professionals. But, you can save a lot of money if you try it on your own and do it incorrectly. Good painting lasts for about 10 years in a single go. Old buildings and exteriors need construction and protection can be given by a new coat of paint. Add value and elegance to your homes by following these steps to perfect exterior painting job:

Scraping Off Loose Paint

Firstly, remove off the loose flaking paint using a handheld scraper. Never use an open flame torch that can easily catch fire. To work safely, wear a suit and spray water on the paint in the process of scraping.

Washing Exteriors

Before starting painting the exteriors, wash off the dirty and grimy exteriors walls. A mixture of water and phosphate acts as a better cleaner. Using your hand, apply the solution with a sponge. Washing exteriors is a tedious job, so the hiring of professionals for this case seems like an excellent idea.

Application of Primer

After preparing wood siding, start applying primer to the walls. Tinted or white primers provide a base for the topcoat, filling the walls like canvas. The small gaps in joints all-around windows and doors all need to be filled with primer application. Painting of bare wood can be done using latex paint. If you are planning to have multiple layers of oil-based paints, putting a base of primer serves the best purpose.

Caulking of All Joints

The polyurethane caulks give a smooth and pleasing look to the exterior walls. Exterior Painters in Auckland try using these caulks for filling up tight joints preventing air leakage and water block penetration. These caulks can prevent damaging of the house by around 35 years.

Applying Topcoat

The term less is more works best when applying topcoat. Applying a topcoat requires less paint for the coming years. If you are changing the colors to cream or yellow from white, one coat of topcoat is applicable. Going from light to darker houses usually require two layers of topcoats.

Choosing the Right Paint

Water-based paints are easier to use as compared to oil-based paints. Latex paint dries up easily and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. If your house already has oil paint, using latex paint won’t help. Choose paints carefully as paints have better properties of blocking the sun’s damaging rays.

Practice Good Maintenance

You can extend the life of painting by regular inspection of caulk every year, washing stains from growing pollen, etc.

These are some of the steps of painting exteriors on your own! Be confident and move ahead with the job.

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