When you plan a move, it’s important to think about how you will get your furniture from A to B. You’ll need to hire a furniture removal service if you want to move across town or country.

Fats Boys Ltd. can also help if you are looking for Furniture Removal in Auckland.

Why Fats Boys Ltd.? 

Fats Boys Ltd. is the best choice for furniture removal. We have years of industry experience, so we are able to handle any type of furniture from antiques to bulky armoires.

We are fully licensed and insured so you can be sure that your furniture is in safe hands. Third, we provide a variety of services including bulk pickups, junk removal, and much more. We can assist you with your entire moving process.

Junk Removal In Auckland

Fats Boys Ltd. offers Auckland junk removal services in addition to furniture removal. This is especially helpful if you are moving out of an old home and requires a thorough clean.

We will come to your house, remove all the junk and debris and leave it spotless. We recycle and donate all the trash we collect.

Bulk Pickup Auckland

Fats Boys Ltd. also offers bulk pickup. Fats Boys Ltd. offers bulk pickup if you want to dispose of large items but do not want to go to the landfill yourself.

Fats Boys Ltd. comes to your house, loads the bulky items and removes them. It’s especially helpful if you are moving out of an old home that needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Junk Removal Near Me

Fats Boys Ltd. can help if you are looking for junk removal near my location. Fats Boys Ltd. serves the entire Auckland region, so we can come to wherever you are located.

We can help you with any unwanted items or furniture, whether you are moving out, cleaning after a renovation or need extra help. Give us a call at today if you’re in need of furniture removal, bulk pickup, or junk removal services in Auckland.


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