This article will show you step-by-step instructions on how to construct a wood-fired pizza oven. This guide is perfect for those who love to make and eat pizzas. You can do it. It’s worth it! Build a wood-fired pizza oven for an easy, enjoyable, and fun party. Let’s start!

What is a wood-fired pizza oven?

You can build a wood-fired oven in your backyard. The oven works in the same manner as those found in pizzerias. There are square garden pizza ovens and also rectangular ones that have an arched roof. Round ovens cook better because heat is distributed evenly on the cooking surface.

You can place a bet on a pizza oven that stores space for firewood in its base. This text will focus on the design of a wood-fired pizza oven made from bricks and pavers. A dome-shaped stove will be the subject of this text.

Building An Outdoor Pizza Oven Step By Step

You will be guided through the steps of building a brick pizza oven. We believe that your DIY skills are good enough, and the building process should be simple for you. It only takes a few simple steps!

Find the Right Location

Start by asking yourself what is the best location for your oven. It is crucial to consider this because the oven will be permanently installed. Do not forget! Before you begin planning, you need to consider a few factors.

Install your wood-fired stove on a flat, solid surface. You may have to build your foundation. The perfect oven will have a minimum of 3 feet (0.91m) clearance on both sides. Find a space where you feel comfortable and happy. You’ll probably intuitively know the best place to enjoy pizza. A patio is one example of a good location. You are the only one who can decide.

Buy The Best Materials

Next, you need to decide on the oven’s design. Decide on the shape and size of the stove you want. Select the best refractory material. You will need clay, arches, and fire-resistant bricks.

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It is important to make sure that your product is both functional and attractive but also tailored to meet your specific needs.


The next step is to take measurements, find the center, and make a mark. This will help you determine where to place the first block. Then, continue with the other blocks. Make sure the layout is good. Concrete pavers are a strong material that can support the weight of an oven. They do not need to be fire-rated. You can also use fire-resistant blocks that have many other valuable properties.

You may have to make some cuts in certain cases. You can then use a speed square to mark the measurements. Then, you will need an angle grinder to score each paver on both sides. It is important to lay the material evenly. Stagger your joints if you do not want them to line up.

Building Upwards

It’s now time to continue building. Your block must be adhered together. It would be best if you used adhesive for this. Always apply glue with care. Apply glue to the middle of bricks or pavers. Check the plumbing level after each course. Keep building until you get your desired height. Check again to make sure everything is level.

Laying Fire Bricks and Setting the Capstone

It’s now time to install the capstone. It’s a good idea to add adhesive on top of the base because you want a strong, stable construction. After gluing your capstone to the base, the next step is to lay the fire bricks, which will be on the floor. The first course for your dome is now ready to be laid. It would be best if you used clay bricks for this. You can achieve the look of a traditional brick pizza oven by using herringbone flooring.

Heat Mortar

Once you have the layout completed, render your bricks using high-heat cement. Mix the mortar with water to get a milkshake-like consistency. Apply a thin coating of your “mixture” on the undersides of the bricks. It would be best if you then took a break of 24 hours.

The Dome

The dome allows you to radiate heat from above evenly. This is because the dome stores heat and allows for air circulation. You can bake pizzas and other meals quickly.

How do you make a dome? It’s easy! It’s easy! First, you need to take the measurements and find the center. Then, create an arch. It is best to draw it in pencil and then use a jigsaw to cut out the shape. Congratulations! Congratulations! You have just created the oven opening. This is the location where your oven door will be installed. If you wish to make another arch, repeat this step.

After you have completed this step, make a few small holes in the dome. Start by forming the dome with thick layers of mortar. Everything must stick! Lay each brick in a series of courses to create an arch.

Add The Chimney

You must leave a square on your previous construction if you wish to include the chimney. A chimney is best placed at the front of your pizza oven. You can build your chimney the same way you did the rest of the oven. The end is near. You need to wait a couple of days for your mortar to dry and then remove the mold. It may be necessary to remove and cut the wood into multiple pieces. At the end, clean the oven’s interior.

Why Build a Wood-Fired Oven?

Wood-fired stoves have many benefits. This topic deserves a separate, detailed article. You don’t need to travel to Italy to enjoy a delicious, perfectly-baked pizza. The wood-fired oven is perfect for al fresco dining and can bring the taste of Italy to your backyard. Pizzas can be baked using authentic ingredients and traditional methods. Outdoor cooking in pizza ovens can help you improve your culinary skills and make you feel like a chef.

They smell great and taste delicious! They are also healthy, as they retain all of their nutritional value. Impress your family and gain an excuse to meet up with friends. The last reason, however, is that it is simple to build your wood-fired oven! Pizza ovens can be used in a variety of ways.

Final words

It is easy to build a pizza oven. Find the best location and purchase the correct materials. Measure, build up, and place the capstone and fire bricks. Apply heat mortar. Create a dome. Add a chimney. Please wait a few weeks, clean it all up, then enjoy your perfect wood-fired oven! This is so easy!

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