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It would be best to start by learning how to create a lifestyle blog. A lifestyle blog can help you get more traffic by showcasing your life and activities.

A lifestyle blog is a collection of highly visual posts covering various topics. It all revolves around the blogger and their hook. The hook can range from beauty to environment, but it should combine all the content and link your interests, life, and worldview.

This guide will teach you six easy steps to create a blog for a lifestyle.

Choose your platform and host

It’s crucial to consider your hosting and platform options carefully when learning how to create a lifestyle blog. You can find both free blogs for your lifestyle blog.

If you want to make money online and enjoy the flexibility to tweak your blog to suit your needs, then we recommend WordPress.

Squarespace is another option that offers a hosting, domain, and editing experience but for a higher price. It also needs the community.

There are two options with WordPress: either approach or one. Although there are subtle differences, the main difference is is self-hosted. Self-hosted WordPress is also the best choice for complete freedom.

It is easy to install WordPress on your hosting account. Most major web hosts offer an easy one-click installation. WordPress is the best site builder because it’s highly customizable and has the most community support.

Here are some quick tips for choosing the right host to host your WordPress site.

Be sure that your host can support your site as it grows. Also, pay attention to any price differences between packages.

Check reviews to see how responsive and knowledgeable their support team is. You can check their blog and documentation to see what kind of WordPress advice they provide.

A good guide is your reputation. While everyone experiences problems occasionally, you must keep this from ruining your business.

For beginners, we recommend SiteGround.

Install WordPress automatically on your account. You don’t need to install WordPress manually.

They will sell you a name for your domain during the setup. You can do everything simultaneously rather than purchasing a domain and hosting from two companies.

Choose a theme

The theme of your WordPress site determines how it appears to visitors.

You may have underestimated the time it takes to find a design you love. There are over 11,000 themes available on ThemeForest, but choosing a suitable theme for your WordPress blog can take a lot of time. With these tips, you can make the process much easier.

Choose a theme with a layout geared towards images, such as Benson, Hestia, or any other article.

You can easily switch between the different layouts by looking at the blog.

List layouts will display your posts in the order they were published.

Grid-based layouts will allow you to arrange content in blocks and focus more on images.

You can organize your content by controlling the number of columns to highlight the featured picture.

You would also like the option to add categories to different areas, such as beneath or above the title, to draw attention to them.

Sticky menus can be used to help readers navigate your page.

In light of all these factors, I would recommend Hestia. This is an excellent option for a lifestyle website because you can switch between grid and list layouts.

You can even select how many columns you want in the grid to display your images. In these images, you can see that Hestia offers a masonry-style option to apply to your blog.

Essential non-obvious plugins

WordPress plugins allow you to add new features to your blog.

If you are familiar with blogging, you will have heard you need Yoast SEO in your good SEO toolkit. You should use social media to drive traffic to create a successful lifestyle website. As much as keywords, social media sharing, and word-of-mouth will help you grow your audience.

Orbit Fox is the best choice for social media sharing. Orbit Fox, our free plugin, allows you to add simple social sharing buttons to your posts.

Did I mention images yet? Images are a crucial element of your lifestyle blog. You need to be able to show your users your lifestyle if you want to showcase it.

It would be best to remember that images can make your blog page look heavy. Image optimization is a crucial consideration. Optimole is the best option for a complete solution. It offers the most choices in image optimization.

Adding side plugins to your website to enhance your options for integrating it with platforms like Instagram and Facebook is also a good idea. Two ideas:

5 Ways to Integrate WordPress with Facebook.

5 Ways to Integrate WordPress with Instagram.


How to start a Lifestyle Blog is only the first step. The most exciting part of your journey will be turning it into money. There are many ways to make money from your blog. There are 17 ways that you can make money with a lifestyle blog. Here are four of the best.

Affiliate Marketing is on this list because your lifestyle blog will naturally promote products and services.

Sp sponsored posts can be a great option when you have an audience large enough. You can also create an advertising page and sign up for networks like TapInfluence.

Sell advertising space on your website. AdSense integrates easily on your website and requires minimal maintenance.

WooCommerce allows you to create and sell your merchandise.

Wrapping up

You now know how to create a lifestyle blog. Now, you can start getting in front of your readers. Finding an audience for a lifestyle blog may seem challenging, but it is still possible.

Follow this tutorial to create your #lifestyle blog with #WordPress. Click Tweet.

You can share your lifestyle with the rest of the world once you have found the lifestyle that you love.

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