Summer means more outdoor time and more shoes tracking in the dirt from the great outdoors. Carpets can take a beating due to summer activities like family visits, cookouts, or children returning from vacation.


It is a great way to keep dirt from getting on your indoor carpets. Have family members take off their shoes when they enter your home. Ask guests to take off their shoes for indoor social events. However, don’t be rude or offensive if they choose not to. Most people will be willing to take off their shoes if you ask them. This will reduce the amount of dirt, grime, and moisture that is tracked into your carpet fibers by allowing everyone to walk through your house without shoes.


An area rug can be a huge advantage in cleaning carpets. Area rugs can not only protect your carpet from being damaged, but they can also improve the aesthetics of your living area. To give people a place where they can wipe their shoes and clean up after entering, you could also consider placing doormats.


Regular vacuuming keeps dirt, dust, and allergens out of your carpets and reduces wear. Baking soda can be used to absorb odours. Vacuum once per week, or more frequently if you have guests.


It is a good idea for spot treatments to be done in conjunction with professional carpet cleaning to avoid set-in staining. However, it is a good idea to hire a professional to clean your carpets at least twice per year to maintain their beauty, extend their life span, and keep them fresh.

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