Have you caught yourself looking at the walls of your bedroom or hallway and thinking that it needs a fresh coat of paint? Have you found some funky colors that you’d like a splash of in your office or den? Or do you just want a whitewash of the entire house to give it a new look?

We recommend that you hire house painters rather than try and do the whole job yourself! 

First off, if thinking about it has led you as far as reading this article, then I’d take a gamble and say that you’d prefer to have someone trustworthy come over and paint everything exactly how you like it. Of course, that is the perfect option for you! Here’s why hiring professionals have more advantages than doing it yourself : 

  • Saves your time – Admit it, you’d rather not spend all the free time you have on taking over the paint job of your house. Not only will it take up your time, but you will also have to spend considerably longer hours to do the job (assuming you know nothing about painting).
  • It is Safer – Professional house painters know the processes involved in painting a house; climbing ladders, reaching nooks and crannies, painting under doors, etc. They have certain methods that they follow that cover important places that a common man might miss.

(Tip: Ensure that your painting contractor and workers have adequate insurance that will prevent you from shouldering any liabilities during the painting.)

  • Professional Touch – Experienced painters know their paint and their walls well enough to determine exactly how the painting should be done. They’ll have tricks of the trade up their sleeves, knowing how to fix tiny cracks with a coat of paint, even. They have experience and training that makes them qualified for the job. That kind of quality is hard to match.

What Can You Do to Prepare for the Painting Process?

  1. Hire qualified professionals who you can rely on – 
  • ask your family, friends, colleagues for recommendations
  • use search engines and call local companies up
  • look for online and offline testimonials.
  1. Move the furniture in all the rooms that require painting. Although the painters might use plastic sheets to cover them up, furniture can get in the way and make the room less functional. Then again, we don’t want painted sofas, do we?
  2. Find out if the people who will be working at your house are trained and certified professionals. Know whether the company performs background checks on employees. After all, we need to be able to trust the people who are going to be in and out of the house for the next few days!


Once you’ve done the research and found a reasonable contractor to hire in your neighbourhood, you’ll take a sigh of relief. I hope this article made that hiring process easier!

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