Moving houses is stressful. What makes it worse is the exorbitant amount we end up spending. From paying bills and wrapping things up to hiring movers, moving expense is a real nightmare. This amount increases significantly during an intracity or even an international move. As bleak as it may sound, there are ways to save money during your relocation. With smart decisions and these six tips, you can cut down on your expenses with ease.  

Hire Affordable Movers

Choosing among the cheap movers Auckland has to offer is the first step to saving money during relocation. You will need to pay them hourly rates and moving takes a lot of time. As such, make sure you choose someone that charges the least hourly rate. However, do thorough research on the quality of their services before hiring anyone. 

Compare Costs on Diy and Professional Help

While a moving company will help out with the stress of the relocation, DIY moving saves a lot of money. However, before choosing between the two, compare the costs involved in both options. Is DIY more economical than a moving company? Or can you find a professional mover who can offer cheaper services?

Save on the Packing Materials

Packing materials contribute a lot to your expenses. Therefore, one of the best ways to save money on moving is to avoid buying new boxes and wraps. Instead, ask your friends for used boxes if they relocated recently. You can also use boxes among your belongings. 

Leave Behind What Doesn’t Serve

Decluttering is probably the best idea during relocation. Despite trying to not hoard, we all end buying a little too many things than we need. When moving, these extras can lead to increased expenses. Therefore, you would do well to leave them behind or earn extra cash by selling them. 

Cut Off the Subscriptions Beforehand

Some subscription services will charge you a whole month’s amount even if you are only using for the first few days in the month. As such, you will need to align your moving and shutting down dates. If they are not, then be sure to cut off subscriptions beforehand. 

Postal Services Are Useful

If you are going for DIY moving, you will find that New Zealand Post is useful to ship some of your items to your new address. From oversized items to small boxes and bags, you deliver just about anything via the postal services. 


Relocating to a new place is demanding, monetarily and physically. However, moving does not have to be as stressful to your wallet as it is to your schedule. The six tips given above will help you save a lot of money and maybe even earn some extra, while at it. 

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