A skip bin a large-sized open lid topped waste management container specifically designed for loading and unloading waste material into a particular type of lorry. Where, instead of waste being emptied into a truck designed for waste management. A skip is removed entirely or replaced by a new empty skip. The skip is then tipped at a designated landfill site or waste management station. For the most, skip bins have a distinctive shape. The longitudinal cross-section of the container consists of two configurations, the trapezoid or a double stacked trapezoid. The smaller sized edge on the end is pretty low, which makes it easier to load and de-load. Both ends of the skip bins have a sloping wall or flooring. Two lugs are present at each side of the container, where chains can be attached, allowing the heavily loaded skip bin to be lifted on and off a lorry. A specialized skip bin carrying truck or a crane-like vehicle is used.

Durability and Size

The corner ends of the skip have a large door that is bent down to allow manual loading and de-loading. The doors of these skips are called drop door skips. Skips are for the most pretty durable and rough. They are made to withstand and go through rough usage by laborers and people. Talking about the size of skip bins, they can vary exceedingly, ultimately depending upon their use. With skip bins sizes ranging greatly depending upon their use with sizes starting from small two-yard skips to huge forty-yard skips. Although these bins can store many tonnes of waste, most lorries that carry waste are limited to carrying about eight tonnes of waste material in the container. A small sized skip usually weighs about two-fifty kilos when empty of any content. Skip bin prices in Wellington are also pretty affordable and in-expensive on the whole.


Skip bins are usually used to hold open lid loads of waste material from construction work and demolition, garden waste, or other types. The dust and debris from the construction may begin from a particular building, renovation site, or site of destruction. Supplies for buildings can be delivered to a location in a skip bin, which can be later used to remove waste. Skip bins are used for other cleaning jobs that have a massive load of waste material to be disposed of away. Factories that are producing large quantities of scrap metal also need to be disposed of properly. The content in the skip bin may be taken to a landfill to be disposed of and recycled in the safest way possible. The application of skip bins ranges from construction sites, renovations of homes, convenient maintenance or repair projects, garden clean-up projects.

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