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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questionsThis article will begin with the caveat that I am not a lifestyle blog.

Kerouac might say that I am only offering confusion of my own.

I indeed enjoy exploring the world of blogs. I find it fascinating when someone claims to be a lifestyle blogger.

You can see that any niche blog is a part of your lifestyle.

I understand what they mean by a lifestyle blog. It’s a blog that is not categorized into one area or niche.

Lifestyle blogs are a natural extension of our daily lives, which is why they reflect the same diversity.

What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is a platform that reflects the blogger’s interests, passions, and daily life. It usually contains content from more than one area of interest or niche.

Lifestyle blogs often have a wide range of topics, whereas some blogs are defined by their niche (food blogs, for example).

They are niches that parents can quickly get into because of their diversity.

If you’re looking to cover multiple niches on your blog, then it is likely that yours will fall under the lifestyle category.

You’ll have a lifestyle website if you publish recipes and discuss decorating your home.

Influencer marketing agency Mediakix says, “A lifestyle blog is a digital representation of the author’s daily life and interests.”

Lifestyle blogger creates and curates content based on their interests and activities.

It’s an overly formal way to say: Lifestyle bloggers write about their lives.

There’s no point in defining a lifestyle blog because it is based on you and your creative goals.

“Nobody else needs to define your lifestyle blog than you,” says The Elgin Avenue.

You may be wondering what a lifestyle blog is so that you can create your own. Here’s some advice: Don’t worry about packaging or labeling what you do.

Julie Blanner

Content Categories: Entertainment, Home, Living, Recipes.

Popular Posts: Cinnamon Roll Icing, Baked apple slices, and Paint over stained wood with Liquid Sandpaper

Julie is an excellent example of a lifestyle blog who started her blogging journey to extend her personal life.

She writes about various topics, but all are related to her experiences in the events industry.

A Beautiful Mess

Content categories: crafts, decor, recipes, advice, style.

Popular Posts: Bath bombs Margarita mix Painting cabinets using chalk Paint.

Elsie and Emma’s Blog’s motto reads, “Stay home and make something.” This is an excellent example of a theme that weaves across multiple content categories and niches.

The “stay at home” part in their motto is why you won’t see much on travel.

What you do not blog about can be just as important as the content you include.

Lauren Kay Sims

Categories of content: Fashion, Family, Wellness, Beauty, Travel, Faith & Inspiration

Popular Posts: Advocare 24-Day Challenge Recap “Moms on Call” Update, Reviews, and Thoughts! My Everyday Drink Elephant Skincare Routine

Lauren’s blog shows how a blog can start as a niche, such as fashion, and then grow into a comprehensive blog covering various topics.

The Stripe

Content Categories: Style, DIY, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Books.

Popular Posts: Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Recipe How To Deep Clean Your Scalp Activated Charcoal Deodorant: Everything You Need to Know

The Stripe’s mission is apparent: “to make you feel like you had just had a coffee with your best friend.”

Their lifestyle content is, therefore, positive, inspiring, and uplifting.

Rachel Parcell

Content categories: fashion, lifestyle, home decor.

Popular posts: Step Inside my Kitchen…; Isla Rose’s Room Reveal…; My Kitchen Favorites…

My wife introduced me to Rachel Parcell (as I have done with most big bloggers).

Her blog began with some wedding and fashion content but took off when she was featured in an online magazine.

She’s made a few tweaks to her site over the years but has managed to maintain a consistent theme and aesthetic in all of her content.

She ends many of her titles with an ellipsis.

Inspired By Charm

Content Categories: holidays and recipes, interiors DIY, entertainment, life, travel.

Popular posts: Ultimate Christmas appetizers DIY Bath Bombs My favorite Pinwheel Recipes.

This blog is an excellent example of how lifestyle blogs can be so diverse: ‘s founder, Michael, has a degree in hospitality and is an “interior designer, DIYer, writer, and cook.”

Michael is an excellent example of a blogger who keeps his blog cohesive and brand consistent.

A taste of Koko

Content Categories: travel & recipes, style & Living, calendar.

Popular posts 45 Things to Do in Austin, Texas 24 spots with the best brunch in Austin Twenty Best Breweries for Craft Beer in Austin

One of my favorite examples of a blog is A Taste of Koko, which is based on the lifestyle of one place: Austin, Texas.

Koko’s content and traffic will be unrestricted by limiting herself to a single area (although she covers other places too).

She is seen as an expert on Austin’s travel and food scene because she is laser-focused on a single area. Her lifestyle content also gets her a lot of traffic.

Coconuts and Kettlebells

Content Categories: Health, recipes, fitness, mindset, motherhood, and clean skincare.

Popular Posts: How to Use Coconut Oil on Skin; Apple Cider Vinegar as a Hair Rinse and Avoiding Harmful Ingredients in Skincare and Makeup Products

This is an excellent example of complementary niches and topics that can work together on your blog.

Noelle’s lifestyle blog covers these topics because health and fitness are closely related to food.

She also has categories on motherhood, skincare, and mindset, so she is more of a lifestyle blogger than a food or fitness blogger.

Even though a large part of her content focuses on food and fitness, her most popular posts in terms of organic traffic relate to skincare and body care.

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