Do you want to increase the home’s value? A new driveway will improve safety and property value. You may feel overwhelmed by all the options when it comes to buying a driveway.

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Do You Need a Concrete Driveway to Make Your Home More Beautiful?

Concrete driveways are still the most preferred choice for residential property owners. When installed by a skilled concrete driveway contractor, the slabs can withstand heavy traffic.

Property owners don’t need to know if a concrete driveway works. They just need to know if it’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on. Concrete driveways are a smart investment. These are just a few of the many reasons concrete driveway installation is a good use of your resources.

  • Concrete driveways can last up to 30-50 years without any maintenance. This is typically between 50-60% longer than asphalt driveways.
  • Weather: Concrete’s ability to withstand heat, cold and sunlight is one of its main selling points. Asphalt, for example, can expand and contract significantly with changing seasons. This leads to cracks. Concrete is more stable and reflects sunlight better to keep it at a constant temperature.
  • Concrete’s strength and weight-bearing ability make it an ideal choice for property owners who don’t want to do more chores each year. This low-maintenance option allows for decades of use with minimal upkeep.
  • Resale: Concrete driveways add curb appeal. Concrete driveways offer buyers the ability to have a clean line and know that they will not need to maintain it.

Concrete driveways are also worth the investment. Paving a driveway can increase property values by up to 10%. Another estimate suggests that the return on investment for paving a previously-crushed stone driveway is between 50 and 75%. 

What is the Cost of a Concrete Driveway?

Concrete driveways cost between $4-$15 per square foot. On average, it costs $6 per square feet. The cost of a concrete driveway installation can be affected by factors such as size, slab reinforcement, location, decorative elements, and whether a driveway needs to be removed. These are just a few of the cost-drivers that can sometimes be overlooked:

  • Staining: This is a way to enhance the curb appeal of a concrete driveway by adding color. This is done before the slab hardens, and it adds labor and material costs.
  • Stamping: Concrete contractors in wellington are skilled in stamping patterns and textures into slabs to give them a new dimension. A concrete driveway that is durable can look like inlaid stone or marble, even though it will increase the cost per square foot.
  • Heating: If you don’t like shoveling snow, then heat coils can be installed that slow melt accumulations. This feature reduces shoveling and decreases the risk of falling from ice accumulations.

Concrete driveways are still a cost-effective option to make a home more beautiful. The basic slab is relatively costly and provides a good return on your investment. Although they may not be worth the cost upfront, they provide lasting value.

Hiring a professional concrete contractor

It is important to hire experienced concrete driveway contractors when upgrading your home. This is because professionals are trained to identify problems and provide quality results. People who try to save money on DIY installation often end up with cracked driveways that need to be replaced.

You can save money and avoid costly mistakes by hiring a concrete driveway contractor who is experienced.


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