You just finished creating your lifestyle blog.

You have your domain, a theme selected, and all the cookie-cutter templates ready.

You have yet to publish the first post on your blog.

What do lifestyle Bloggers blog?

This post contains 207 responses to this question.

In addition to these topics, I have developed three suggestions for Post titles to help you start your content creation efforts.

How to Use this List

This post is the result of hours of research. I hope that you find this post extremely helpful.

You can create multiple blog posts in each section.

Three possible post titles are also included to help you convert these ideas into content. You can use these as they are but should modify them to include synonyms and change the words.

To make your title ideas more enticing, check out the post on CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

Let’s get started with the lifestyle blog topics I have gathered for you.

Personal Blog Post Ideas

The majority of lifestyle bloggers use their websites to extend themselves digitally.

Sharing stories from your past and daily life will help you connect to your audience more deeply. Your lifestyle brand will become more relatable, authentic, trustworthy, and authoritative.

These blog ideas are easy to write. This is why I suggest skimming this section.

List your life goals

Tell your audience what motivates you. What do you think of when you first wake up?

This is a list of X life goals that I would like to achieve through blogging

Why is this blog there? Why is this blog there?

My 20XX bucket list

What’s in your bag?

What’s inside your bag? If you are a fashion or beauty blogger, readers will be curious to see what’s inside.

Things that I never leave home without

What’s inside my bag?

What you will find in my purse

Your significant other

Posts about your romantic partner are fun and will help you make your brand more relatable.

What I love most about my partner

How we met

(Your partner’s name) (your partner’s name)

You know someone

You can also include interesting facts about other people who are important to you. Remember their permission to include them in your post.

Meet My Family

Things that my dog does when I blog (random).

What we do on the weekends

What are your favorite things?

Another easy one is to list all your favorite things by category.

My top X Netflix shows keeping me up at night

When the internet is down, I like to do these x things.

It would be best if you read my favorite books

Experiences of your daily life

If you are a passionate storyteller, you’ll always have topics to blog about.

Write your quote for today’s Thoughts

Shower thoughts

Last week I met a few people.

You deserve the perfect weekend

Ask your audience for feedback on your “perfect weekend” and their thoughts.

Things I need for the perfect weekend

My perfect weekend

My ideal weekend in photos

Your quirky habits for productivity

Have you developed any habits or rituals that make working days more tolerable?

My music playlist to boost productivity during a busy day

What I do in the morning: and things that I do first

My life-changing productivity tips: and tried and tested habits

What would you tell your younger self

Although we can’t change the past, we can wish that we had known certain things sooner.

Things that I would say to myself when I was younger

Something that I wish I had known in my teens

What I regret most and what I’d do differently

Your important life events

Every significant event in your life has a fascinating backstory waiting to be shared.

What I did on my most memorable Birthday

Why I left my job

Xrealizations that I had after creating my first blog

What would you do if you were rich?

What would you do with a million dollars?

Things that I would invest in if I had a million dollars

Here’s how I would spend all the money I could get.

You’ll be surprised at what I would buy with $1,000,000

Try something new

You’ve thought about doing something but haven’t yet done it. Take a risk and share your experience.

Here’s what happened when I did my first cliff dive.

I ate only my favorite foods for a whole week (before and afterward)

My horror story explains why you should never let someone else cut your hair.

What you don’t like

Your blog should also include your dislikes, just as you would your favorites.

My strange pet peeves

List of all the things I dislike

Things That Ruin My Day (and How I Deal with Them)

Passions that are not in your niche

Write about your interests and hobbies in addition to your blog niche. This will humanize your lifestyle brand.

Other passions

What I do when not blogging

Xthings that I like other than (fill out your niche)

How or why did you start blogging?

You can also win the trust and sympathy of your audience by telling them how you became a blogger.

This is my story

How I Became a Blog

Why did I create a blog?

Your home

It’s a great idea to feature your home on a blog post for lifestyle and design bloggers.

Xsecrets that I haven’t shared with anyone (until now)

Things that you didn’t know about Me

My mind is open to you: a deep dive into my thoughts

The biggest challenges you have ever faced

Challenges foster growth. You can help your readers avoid the same difficulties by sharing how you dealt with them.

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