This guide will help you to treat slippery vinyl floors

Vinyl flooring is very popular because of its aesthetic appeal. However, it can also be expensive. Vinyl’s extravagant appearance can make homeowners forget about their slippery nature. These floors are made from sleek polyvinylchloride and can cause dangerous slip accidents if not properly protected. This guide will discuss the best ways to get non slippery vinyl flooring in Auckland.

What is the best time to repair vinyl floors?

Vinyl floors can be slippery so it’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible. Vinyl floors older than 10 years may look even more sleek if polish and cleaning products are applied to the surface. The sooner you can find a non-slip solution the better.

How to install non-slip vinyl flooring on and around your property

Although there are many methods to make slippery floors safe, not all are suitable for vinyl flooring. It is essential to find a product that will work on polyvinyl chloride and that is easy to install.

Avoid using products that can cause damage to the floors

Slippery vinyl floors can be caused by moisture, grease, dust and floor polish. These products should be avoided or minimized as much as possible. It’s not always possible for them to be completely eliminated. To reduce the slippery nature of your floors, you will need an additional treatment.

Use a degreasing product

You may find some areas more exposed than others, like your garage and kitchen. These stubborn grease stains will not be removed by the usual floor cleaning methods. To remove grease and oil from the affected areas, you can use degreasing agents. It is important to remember that this is not an effective long-term solution for removing grease.

Use a vinyl floor polish

A wrong type of polish can cause vinyl floors to become slippery. It is best to use a polish specifically made for vinyl floors. While most polishes can be applied quickly and give your floors a shiny look, they should not be used to treat vinyl flooring . However, it will still leave a smooth layer on the floor.

Anti-slip mats are recommended

For slippery vinyl floors, anti-slip mats can be used as an alternative. Anti-slip mats are made with rubber bottoms that will not slip or move easily. It is not possible to cover all surfaces with mats, and it will still cover your floors. It is therefore not recommended for large surfaces, or if you want your vinyl floors to be visible.

Vinyl flooring can be given an anti-slip finish.

Anti-slip flooring is specifically designed to reduce slippage without changing the appearance. It’s a cost-effective and easy solution.

Floor Grip is an anti-slip roll-on coating for vinyl flooring. It provides a durable, high-traction surface that is chemical- and scratch-resistant. It is suitable for both exterior and interior floors. Additionally, it can be used to create non-slip vinyl flooring in wet rooms. You can choose from a matte or gloss finish to match your floors.

Spray non-slip

If the area that is slippery is small or not well defined, non-slip sprays may be an option.

Extra Fine Clear Spray, an epoxy aerosol spray, provides a hard, clear, and finely textured finish to interior and exterior vinyl floors. It’s easy to use, safe for your feet, and chemical-resistant. They are cost-effective and pocket-friendly.

Vinyl floors with non-slip flooring have many benefits

  • It’s easy to apply
  • Long-lasting
  • It won’t alter the appearance of floors
  • Affordable

Additional Tips

Vinyl floors should be kept clean, even if they have a non-slip coating. Because dirt and chemical residue can build up and make the vinyl floors slippery and shiny. Vinyl floor cleaners can be used in small quantities. After that, you can wipe it clean with a damp mop. You must also ensure that it is dry before you use.

Vinyl floors need to be treated today

You, as a homeowner or business owner, must ensure your floors are slip-resistant and clean. Although it may seem daunting, once you know how to treat your floors, you will be able to do it quickly and easily. Non-slip vinyl coatings are a great option because they are easy to apply and dry quickly. They also add traction and a lot of style to your floors.

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